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Moving Tips

Although relocating might be stressful, here are some tips that other movers also utilize to make the process go more smoothly.

Make a list

Make a list of major and main items in each room, such as the master bedroom, boys/girls bedrooms, office, den, family room, dining room, living room, and so on. Determine whether there are any items that you can part with, donate or dispose of. This will help you stay organized and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Have plenty of supplies

It is critical to begin packing weeks or days in advance. Knowing that you have prepared for the big day is very important. The most common supplies are: 

  • Small Boxes 

  • Boxes for lamps and bedding  

  • Heavy duty electronic/kitchen boxes 

  • Packing paper

  • Paper tape

  • Labels

  • Markers

Utilize wardrobe boxes

We will provide you with free wardrobe boxes on the day of the move. Simply tell us how many you require, and we will gladly supply them to you. The benefit of this is that at the end of the moving day, we will take them with us, leaving you with fewer boxes in your home. We provide them for free because they are expensive boxes that can be easily re-used, saving you money and allowing future customers to reuse them.

Strategize wardrobe box use

Wardrobe boxes can be utilized mainly for clothing: 

  • coats 

  • dresses

  • suits

  • shirts

  • t-shirts

  • jackets

  • etc

They can also be used to pack:

  • bedding

  • larger decor items

  • speakers

  • statues

  • large lamp shades

  • lamps

  • etc

Color coordinate

Labeling or color-coordinate boxes and furniture to designate where the item will end up in your new home makes for a smoother transition. Our team will arrive and wrap all furniture with moving blankets, as well as assist you with the coordination of your belongings for a less stressful transition and a more efficient move.

Here is a video for moving tips

  • Youtube


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