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Crystal Coast Moving Company INC.




Why Choose Us?

Your stress-free moving experience is our first priority at Crystal Coast Moving Company Inc. Whether you are moving locally, out-of-state, commercially, or next door. We're here to ease the move for you as much as we can.


Because we are a registered and insured company, you may relax. Your goods/belongings are insured and in expert hands thanks to our more than 20 years of experience.

Services We Offer


Junk Removal


While some clients like to pack independently, others don't have the time, particularly when they have commitments of their own.  

We offer packing and unpacking services which include all of your belongings. Regardless if you want a full service move or a move that only involves a few rooms in your home or office. We can do it!

Do you have any unwanted clothing, furniture, or appliances? Our service includes junk removal! Just give us a call, and we'll come get your unwanted items so we can donate or throw them away. A tax receipt is provided when you make a donation to a charity. 

You recently purchased a new living room, dining room, etc., but you lack transportation to pick it up. No problem; just give us a call and we'll make arrangements to pick up your dining room set or sofa from the furniture store! Getting rid of your dining room table and transferring it to a friend or family member? We can deliver it to them after picking it up. We can pick up any furniture and bring it to you or anybody you specify. We don't simply handle relocations.


*For a more accurate estimate please call to schedule a walkthrough appointment

We understand moving can be stressful, which is why we provide packing and unpacking services

Have any unwanted items that are taking up space? No problem we offer junk removal as a service

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